NOVONETICS EOOD is engineering company, which main activities include:

Engineering, design, delivery and installation of equipment and complete production lines for food & beverage industry, milk processing, soft drinks and juices production, beer production, mayonnaise, margarine, dry foods, cornflakes, snacks, CIP systems, pasteurisation units, homogenisers, automation, etc.

Energy saving & energy efficiency projects include design and manufacturing of district heating stations, optimisation and control of heat utilization, cogeneration solutions, rain water harvesting projects, plate and brazed heat exchangers, ball valves for water, gas, steam, special fluid, etc. 

“Green projects” for utilization of waste by subsequent production of pellets, which depending on raw waste material (for example waste wood, straw, biomass, sunflower hulls, meal, etc.) could be used as animal feed or fuel for different kind of installations for steam and hot water production and also cogeneration plants for electrical power.  

Our team of highly professional and motivated specialists include:
- Technological department - site planning and P&ID (Process & Instrumentation Diagrams) for small scale production plants, raw materials reception, CIP units, flash-pasteurisation units, yeast recovery and yeast propagation plants, small scale dairies, brewery plants, soft drinks plants.
- Electrical department - design, manufacturing and installation of electrical installations and panels
- Automation department - both software and hardware automation solutions
- Mechanical department - highly skilled and certified stainless steel welders and fitters (with certificates for high and low pressure welding works, constructions installation and manufacturing)

Some of our main business partners around the world are companies like:
- CPM Europe BV - Netherlands
- Molinos AFAU - Spain
- Europa Crown Limited - United Kingdom
- Kumar Metal Industries - India
- NAVAL OY - Finland
- Elecster - Finland
- Breconcherry - United Kingdom
- EGMO - Israel
- Atlantium - Israel
- APV - Denmark 
- Vincke
- Dutch Dryers BV - Netherlands
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